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Festive Season 2020 Do-It Yourself Cookie Kits

Are you looking for a fun and creative activity to keep your kids (or yourself!) busy during the Festive Season? Or a unique gift for that special family member, friend, colleague or client? Look no further. Our Do-It-Yourself Cookie Kits are just the thing! Our kits consist of everything you need to create a culinary masterpiece – from freshly baked gingerbread or sugar cookies, to candy, royal icing, piping bags and comprehensive step-by-step instructions.

Our kits are popular for the following reasons:
– the cookies are baked to order, i.e. guaranteed freshness
– the cookies have no added preservatives
– the cookies are made from quality ingredients
– the cookies are 0.5 cm thick, which means it is easier to work with and there is more to eat!
– the ingredients in the kits are 100% South African!

After weeks of testing, tasting and tweaking, we’ve added no less than 11 new items to our popular Do-It-Yourself Cookie Decorating Kits. The new kits include themed cookies in a variety of Festive Season favourites … from snowflakes to candy canes, Nutcrackers, baubles, reindeer and snowmen! See the images below. To see images of what the decorated cookies look like for each of the kits, just visit our online shop. Most of the new designs are easy enough for kids to decorate. There are also one or two more complicated designs for more experienced decoraters. Our 2020 Festive Season items are:

Our items from previous years can also be ordered – don’t worry, the cookies will be freshly baked!

We also have Festive Season-themed cookie cutter sets:

All of our Do-It-Yourself Kits as well as our Festive Season Cookie Cutter Sets are available on our online shop.
Be sure to place your order before 15 November to avoid disappointment. All kits will be ready to either be couriered or collected on the 1st of December. If you need the kits sooner, just let use know when you place your order.

A Cookie Decorating Workshop is a great way for friends, family members or colleagues to spend quality time together while letting the creative juices flow. Be sure to book soon as my diary is filling up fast for November and Desember! Please make contact for more information.