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Raw Fish Is Delish!

If you are worried about embarrassing yourself in front of your date, or even worse, a client, because you do not know the difference between the terms carpacchio, ceviche or crudo on a restaurant menu, don’t fear, the answers are here.  Included in this post is basic info on some of the most popular restaurant options containing raw or partially cooked fish or seafood.  After reading this, you will be able to navigate a restaurant menu like a pro.  Not to mention using foodie lingo in conversations. Recipes containing raw fish or seafood can be prepared at home with great success, as long as the freshest and highest quality fish or shellfish is used. Be sure to read the post How To Handle Raw Fish before trying these recipes at home.

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Ceviche consists of slices or cubes of raw fish or shellfish marinated in citrus juice.  Seeing that Ceviche is not served raw like for instance tuna tartare, it makes for a great alternative for those who prefer not to eat raw fish.  Ceviche is great alternative for raw salmon, tuna, etc. when making poke bowls.

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