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Customisable DIY 3D Gingerbread House Cookie Kit

Our Customisable DIY 3D Gingerbread House has a brand new look with a few new features – like a chimney, a porch, a cookie base, etc.  It also has a variety of customisable features:

  • the cookies in the kit can be made from gingerbread cookie dough or sugar cookie dough. We can even make it gluten-free!  All our cookies are eggless!
  • the roof panels of the house can be altered so that the house becomes an edible Gingerbread House cookie jar (one of the roof panels will become a lid)
  • the door and/or windows of the house can be cut out before baking so that you can put lights inside the house
  • the colours of food colouring included, i.e. red, greenbrown and yellow(Christmas) or yellowblackpurple and orange (Spooky House) or pinkpurpleblue & green (Candy Land)
  • additional cookies included in the kit can be in the theme of your choose, e.g.:
    1. Festive Season-themed cookies consisting of a snowman, a gingerbread man, a tree, a gingerbread man, etc.. See an example of a Festive Season House here;  or
    2. Spooky House-themed cookies consisting of a ghost, a tombstone, a cat, a bat and a pumpkin (see images below);  or
    3. Candy Land-themed cookies consisting of candy-shaped cookies, lolly-shape cookies, cupcake-shaped cookies, etc. See an example of a Candy Land House here.

On receipt of your order, we will send you a form to fill in your preferences.

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Decorated Gingerbread Houses

One of my favourite things about decorating a gingerbread house is that it is like a blank canvas, i.e. you can decorate it however you like! Below are a few ideas to decorate gingerbread houses. Also see the Ribboned Roof Gingerbread House as well as our brand new Gingerbread House design decorated as a Spooky House.

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Ribboned Roof Gingerbread House

I have seen so many beautiful houses on Pinterest where the house panels are tied with ribbons, that I just had to give it a try. I am happy to say that it can definitely be done! And that it is actually easier to done than you might think! The hardest thing to do was to line up the little heart cut-outs on the edges of the house panels! I decided not to decorate this house, because it was going to become my Valentine-themed house, but the panels could be decorated with royal icing and candy (like you would do with a traditional Gingerbread house) before you assemble the house. I will definitely use longer ribbons next time!

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