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Pink Lemonade

Believe it or not, pink lemonade was either created – or at least popularized – by the circus! It is said that Henry E. Allott , a Chicago native who ran away to the circus in his early teens, ‘invented’ pink lemonade after accidentally dropping red-colored cinnamon candies in a vat of traditional lemonade. Adhering to the old circus adage ‘the show must go on,’ Allott simply sold the pink-hued beverage as is. This refreshing cold drink is the perfect drink to serve at any time!

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Cajun-style Blackened Fish

Invented by the Cajun cooks of the Southern regions of America, fish prepared in this manner is low in kilojoules while it has a tempting dark crust and a tremendous flavour derived from the masterful combination of peppers, spices and herbs. The spice mix may be mixed in large quantities and used for fish, chicken other meat or vegetables such as potatoes or mixed grilled vegetables.

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Southern Fried Green Tomatoes

I first heard of fried green tomatoes when I saw the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe” which is based on a novel by Fannie Flagg. The combination of firm-fleshed tomato with a crunchy polenta coating, the slight tartness of the unripe fruit balancing the oiliness of the exterior makes fried tomatoes a side dish for a braai, breakfast or brunch. It is said that Fried Green Tomatoes were invented by families with vegetable gardens who needed a way to use up an unwanted bounty of unripe produce. 

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