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Easter 2018

The origins of hot cross buns may go back as far as the 12th century. There are several myths about these popular fruit-studded yeast-risen buns.  One of the more well known stories is that an Anglican monk baked the buns and marked them with a cross in honor of Good Friday.  At some point in history the buns was commonly known as Good Friday Buns. During the 1730s in Europe the buns were sold on the streets, and it was here that the name as well as the popular rhyme emerged, as the sellers would shout out ” One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot cross buns “…   This tradition was still in practice as little as eighty years ago.

These days we are spoiled for choice with Hot Cross Buns being available all year round at grocery stores.  They also come in a variety of flavours, from plain, to extra spicy to extra fruity. There are even hot cross buns where the dried fruit has been replaced with chocolate chips!

Below are Easter-themed recipes for your to try this Easter Holiday.  If they seem too daunting to tackle by yourself, just book a culinary lesson with Cooking Up A Storm!