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Cooking Up A Storm’s Culinary Clothing

We are very excited to announce the launch of Cooking Up A Storm’s own range of Culinary Clothing – just in time for Christmas!   The range consists of aprons with matching oven mittens.  It makes great gifts for chefs big and small!  Cooking Up A Storm’s own range of Culinary Clothing can also be ordered for culinary parties.  Please visit our online shop to order yours.

Aprons and oven mittens go together like milk and cookies. Although it is important to wear an apron while cooking or baking to protect your clothes from food spills, it is even more important to wear heatproof oven mittens to protect your hands when removing hot dishes or baking pans from the oven.  Cooking Up A Storm’s oven mittens are lined with two different types of heatproof material (of which one is Heatex) to protect hands – big or small!  The mittens can be used as pot stands as well.

With our range of Culinary Clothing we hope to encourage adults and kids to cook and bake together. The aprons are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.  The small aprons are recommended for kids from playschool to primary school, the medium aprons for kids in high school and the large aprons for adults.

Our Culinary Clothing range consists of aprons in three different colours with matching oven mittens.  The three colour options are:

  • marshmallow pink with white stars
  • sky blue with white stars and
  • black aprons with Afrikaans words.

A big thank you to Christina Holt, my talented friend and fellow-foodie, for taking the photo’s of our culinary clothing range. They look amazing!  And to my kids Mia (11) and Emile (7) for being the models for the photo shoot.  You were awesome!