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Chicken, Beef or Pork Satay With Peanut Sauce

Satay is a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meat, typically served with peanut sauce.   Diced or sliced chicken, mutton, beef, pork or fish can be used.  It is grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings.

1 kg chicken, beef or pork fillet or a combination
100 ml soy sauce
15 ml fish sauce
15 ml sugar
15 ml lime or lemon juice
15 ml crushed garlic
15 ml minced ginger
5 ml ground ginger
± 20 bamboo sticks (± 20 cm long)

Peanut sauce
10 ml crushed garlic
30 ml sesame oil
30 ml soya sauce
30 ml rice vinegar
30 ml sweet chilli sauce
100 ml smooth peanut butter
200 ml coconut cream

To serve
lime wedges
fresh coriander

  1. Soak the sticks in a shallow dish with water for 1 hour to prevent them from scorching during cooking.
  2. Mix together the soy sauce, fish sauce, lime or lemon juice, garlic and ginger in a large mixing bowl or a container with a lid.
  3. Cut the meat into 2 cm x 2 cm cubes and it to the marinade.
  4. Cover the bowl with cling film or cover the container with a lid.  Marinate in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
  5. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
  6. Thread the meat onto the sticks.  Leave 5 cm open at the one end of the stick for holding.
  7. Place the satay on an oven tray or roasting tin lined with foil and bake on the middle shelf for 10 – 15 minutes on each side until cooked through.  The satay can also be barbequed for 5 – 7 minutes on each side.
  8. Baste the satay with the leftover marinade while it is baking or grilling.
  9. In the meantime, combine the ingredients for the sauce in a small saucepan and heat while stirring continuously. Remove from the heat and transfer to a serving dish.
  10. Serve the satay hot with the peanut sauce (room temperature or heated).

8 to 10 servings.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce