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Carolié de Koster (Carolié’s Culinaire)

Carolié de Koster is a dietician, food consultant, cookery teacher and author of a variety of recipe books of which Art of Cooking is the prima donna.  She operates under the name Carolié’s Culinaire (previously Foodlink) which incorparates all activities linked to food. Her objective has always been to assist those involved with food preparation to increase skills and efficiency, build confidence and acquire knowledge. Carolié has been a source of inspiration for thousands of people for close to 40 years, whether through her cooking demonstrations, consulting services or recipe books.

Carolié and her husband Adri immigrated to New Zealand in September 2011.  Carolié (and the rest of her family!) are sorely missed by family, friends, colleagues and clients here in South Africa. When she left for New Zealand, Carolié promised to keep in touch – and she kept her word!  She contributes delicious recipes to the Cooking Up A Storm blog on a regular basis.  She has given me permission to post recipes from her popular “Art Of Cooking” recipe book on my website to give readers of glimpse of the variety of recipes which can be found in this comprehensive recipe book.

Other recipe books from Carolié’s pen include: 
– Rising to Perfection / Bak met Vernuf  (Tafelberg 1885) 
– Home Bakes / Tuisgebak (S & S Publishers 2002) 
– Snack-style food / Vatkos (Lapa 2004)
– “Keurkos” (Lapa 2005) 
– Kies Gesond (Lapa 2007)
– Lekker Kuierkos (Lapa 2009)

Carolié is currently working on a recipe book dedicated to phyllo pastry. I cannot wait to see it!

In Carolié’s own words:

Carolié’s Culinaire (previously Foodlink) is the trading name for all my activities linked to food, whether it is recipe development, consulting, training, cookery courses, food preparation or any other aspects related to culinary support or advertising. For close to 40 years my objective has been to assist those involved with food preparation to increase skills and efficiency. This includes demonstrations and practical training courses to build confidence and add knowledge for cooks preparing, serving or selling food. The aim is to deliver trendy, tasty, wholesome and attractive food with the available funds and supplies and within the time limits, thus ensuring profitability. 

In 1968 I qualified as a dietician and soon thereafter entered the sphere of the food industry. This led to recipe development for cookery courses as well as advertising and eventually becoming an author of many recipe books. These are used for training at the hotel schools, universities and colleges but are also suitable for novices and home cooks. I am still involved with recipe development on a daily basis.Recipe development for food companies, followed by the preparation of the food and assisting with styling for photography always presents a challenge – to be modern and contemporary yet practical for the market involved. 

For 23 years now I have had the privilege of running my own guest house and to teach cookery lessons from my kitchen. I lecture to students, studying consumer science and tourism and also to entrepreneurs who want to make a living from food sales. Cookery courses are attended by home cooks and housewives while hands-on sessions are popular for corporate or social team building.  Other services include consultations for small restaurants and coffee shops, lodges and guest houses. All aspects are covered, from menu design to staff training.