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August/September Foodie News

Winter is thankfully almost over, which means Spring is imminent!    On the 24 September South Africans across the country will be celebrating our rainbow nation’s heritage as well as Spring!   
This month’s selection of recipes will definitely jump-start your Braai Day planning.  You are spoilt for choice with no less than seventeen mouth-watering recipes.  They are: Gazpacho (chilled tomato soup)Home-made Basil PestoBraaied Corn On The Cob, Sweet & Sour Chicken & Bacon Bites, Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Pork Fillet, Fruit & Veg Chicken SosatiesGrilled Pineapple Wedges With Coconut Sugar and Home-made Spiced Chai Latte.   Now that I’ve seen the movie “Chef”, I will be adding a Cuban Sandwich to my own National Braai Day menu.   I will post a recipe on my Facebook page early in September.
As usual, I am including recipes contributed by Carolié de Koster from her popular Art of Cooking Recipe Book.   The theme she chose for this month is bread.  The aroma of freshly baked bread is irresistible and will combine well with any meal, from breakfast to a braai. The recipes are:  Basic Sweet Dough and a few of its delicious variations, such as German StollenHungarian Bubble LoafYugoslavian Nut Roll and Italian Panettone.  There are also recipes for French Loaf, Light Rye Bread and Ring Doughnuts.  All from Art Of Cooking.  Carolié has also included a recipe for Danish Health Loaf, a delicious and unusual bread that will end the search for a crunchy wheat-free loaf.    Read more further down.
Bedford Centre’s Mrs Claus’ Kitchen was a roaring success last year and this year this event will be bigger and better.  It will run for 19 consecutive days from the 6th to the 24th of December and like last year, kids will be making edible Christmas themed treats on each of the days.   Read more further down.
Now that you have a variety of recipes to choose from for your National Braai Day festivities, all you need is a cool butchery to buy your meat at.  Pick Your Protein is an online butchery that offers a wide variety of fresh, top-quality meat, at eye-catching prices, delivered to your door!
In my post Know Your Chai From Your Chia, I not only explain the difference between Spiced Chai and Chia seeds, I also give you instructions on how to grow your own Chia Pet, which is the best pet in the world in my opinion.  You don’t have to walk it or clean after it. All you need to do is to give it water!  Read more further down.
Kokkedoor, the very popular locally produced Afrikaans reality show, had viewers glued to their Telly’s for 13 weeks over the past few months.  I can’t wait to see who is going to be the ruler of the roost in Kokkedoor 2015!   Read more further down.
The “Chef” movie is currently showing in cinemas.   It is a heart-warming story about a chef who falls in a culinary rut at his job at a popular restaurant in California.  After getting a scathing review by a food critic, he confronts the food critic in public and he finds out the hard way exactly how powerful Twitter is.  He ends up going on a road trip with his best friend and his son, during which he rekindles his creativity and his love of food.    Read more further down.
Before Linden became a residential suburb in the 1950’s, it was well-known for its peach orchards. In fact, the Linden area used to be the biggest exporter of peaches to the UK!   Paputzi’s, a popular restaurant in 4th avenue, Linden, still has some of the original peach trees in the garden.  They recently started offering Banting items on their menu, so be sure to check it out!
The format of my “I made it myself!/Ek het dit self gemaak!” cooking parties is similar to that of the popular “I Can Cook” on DSTV’s CBeebies.  Each recipe is demonstrated to the children step-by-step and each child makes his/her own recipe from start to finish.  Kids get to take the fruit of their labour home and tell Mom and Dad:  I made it myself!  Most of them eat it right away though!  The recipes are age-specific and really tasty!  You have the option to have the party at my venue in Robindale, Randburg (close to Randburg Hoërskool) or at your house or venue.   Read more further down.
I specialize in tailor-made cooking lessons – whether for yourself or your domestic worker, housekeeper or nanny.  You choose what you would like to learn to cook. The possibilities are endless! It can be our secret!  This is what one of my clients had to say after I trained her domestic worker:  “Jeanri is extremely professional, comes fully prepared for every lesson and puts every effort into making sure that your domestic worker learns to cook. She even spent time with mine, teaching her maths so that she could halve recipes, double up on portions etc. Jeanri goes shopping on your behalf and makes sure that you have everything you need for a lesson, even down to the equipment needed in the kitchen so that there is no delay in lesson time. Everything she taught Fredah to cook has been delicious and we have used her recipes over and over. My domestic worker has gained a lot of confidence in the kitchen. Jeanri ensures that your domestic is able to write up a shopping list, keep to excellent hygiene standards in the kitchen, cook, bake, and tidy up properly afterwards. Definitely money well spent, I can only highly recommend her.” Kelly, Parkview. Read more further down. In this newsletter:

  • August/September 2014 Recipes
  • Mrs Claus’ Kitchen Dec 2014
  • Pick Your Protein
  • Know Your Chai From Your Chia
  • Who Will Be The Ruler Of The Roost?
  • Review:  “Chef” Movie
  • Paputzi’s is just peachy!
  • Cooking Parties For Kids
  • Tailor-made Cooking Lessons
  • Cooking Up A Storm’s Services

Happy cooking! Jeanri


Note: Please click on each heading to read the full post.  SweetDoughKnots1 August/September 2014 Recipes National Braai Day (and Spring!) is just a few short weeks away, so I decided to focus on quick and easy recipes that can be enjoyed outdoors. Xmas Tree Cone Mrs Claus’ Kitchen 2014 I am very excited to announce that the 2nd “Mrs Claus’ Kitchen” will take place during the December school holidays at Bedford Centre in Bedfordview.  Like last year, my team and I will be assisting kids aged 2 to 10 in making a different Christmas-themed treat every day. Logo + slogan final Pick Your Protein I recently discovered an online butchery that delivers – it could be the next best thing since sliced bread!  Pick Your Protein is the new Gauteng branch of a traditional family butchery, located in the heart of the Northwest Province. Chia2 Know Your Chai From Your Chia Coffee shops and restaurants use the term Chai Latte or Chai Tea Latte to indicate that the steamed milk of a normal latte is flavoured with a spiced tea concentrate instead of espresso.  The correct name for the blend of black tea and spices such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and star anise, is Masala Chai or Spiced Chai though. KokkedoorLogo Who Will Be The Ruler Of The Roost? I am a big fan of reality television shows, so a reality show in the form of a cooking competition is right up my alley. The second season of kykNET’s Kokkedoor, the very popular locally produced Afrikaans reality show, ended a few weeks ago when Johnny Hamman and Elsa Buys were crowned as the winning team. ChefMovie Review:  Chef MovieIt has been a long time since a movie was released where the story line evolves around food.  In a nutshell, in the movie “Chef”, the chef played by Jon Favreau quits his job and teams up with his ex-wife, his friend and his son and goes on a road trip with a food truck. PaputziLogo Paputzi’s Is Just Peachy! f you are Banting, and you have been battling to find a restaurant that offers Banting options in the Linden area, look no further, as Paputzi’s, the well-known and popular coffee shop/restaurant in 4th avenue, Linden, recently added Tim Noakes breakfast and lunch options to their menu.  

Cooking Parties For Kids My cooking parties for kids have proved to be very popular due to the fact that you can choose the language in which the party will be conducted, as well as if you want the party to take place at your house or at my venue in Robindale, Randburg. CUASLogo

Private Cooking Lessons In Your Own Kitchen If planning meals and cooking for your family is driving you up the wall, and you would like to hand the responsibility over to your nanny or domestic worker, all you need to do is tell me when and where. You will not only empower your employee, you will have time on your hands to do other things!  The lessons take place in your own kitchen and are tailor-made to your preferences, i.e. your domestic worker will learn to make recipes that you love to eat! AOC CD Art Of Cooking Recipe Book & CD Carolié de Koster’s Art Of Cooking recipe book consists of more than a 1000 recipes and is the most comprehensive cookery book in South Africa.  Written by a renowned food consultant it offers everything for everyone’s needs – from the beginner and home cook to the career chef, caterer and trainer. Cooking Up A Storm’s Services

  • Tailor-made private cooking lessons – in your own kitchen! For yourself, your kids, your domestic worker or nanny.
  • Cookery demonstrations on a variety of topics (in your own house if you prefer!)
  • Cooking classes and parties for kids in Afrikaans or English
  • Hands-on cookery sessions for social or corporate events or staff training
  • Recipe development
  • Consulting to Guest Houses, coffee shops, etc.
  • Motivational talks and individual consultations on healthy eating
  • Weekly or monthly healthy meal plans with grocery lists for the busy cook
  • Supplier of a variety of quality cooking utensils & equipment, e.g. Wizbake reusable baking sheets, silicone bakeware, etc.
  • Kitchen accessory, bakeware and gadget demonstrations.