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Smoked Mussel or Oyster Paté

Convenient ingredients are combined to create a superb pate. Serve in small ramekins with any crispy bread and sufficient salad garnishes to add a fresh and crisp effect.

1 x 105 g tin smoked mussels or oysters
250 g creamed cottage cheese
100 ml mayonnaise
2 spring onions
2 ml Worcestershire sauce
1 thick slice white bread, finely crumbled
freshly ground black pepper
100 g melted butter or margarine to seal (optional)

sprigs of parsley
    1. Place the smoked mussels or oysters with the oil into a food processor, add all the remaining ingredients and blend until quite smooth.
    2. Spoon the paté into one large or 8 – 10 individual small ramekin dishes.
    3. Garnish with parsley if served soon or smooth the top, cover with melted butter or margarine or seal and refrigerate until the butter or margarine has set.
    4. Cover the paté with cling wrap and keep refrigerated up to three days.
8 to 10 servings.
Recipe by Carolié de Koster from the Art Of Cooking recipe book page24.