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Bacon-wrapped Stuffed Chicken Rolls

These chicken rolls are quite labour-intensive to make, but worth the effort once the compliments start coming in!

500 g rindless, long bacon strips
6 chicken breast fillets (about 125 g each)
salt and freshly ground pepper

5 ml canola or coconut oil
1 medium onion, sliced
50 ml demerera or treacle sugar (optional)
200 g danish feta cheese, cubed
15 ml chives, snipped

2.5 ml beef stock powder
250 ml cream

  1. To prepare the stuffing, heat the oil a large saucepan.  Heat the oil in a large saucepan.
  2. Add the onion and stir-fry with a turner for a few minutes until tender.
  3. Add the sugar if used, and continue to stir-fry until the onions are caramelised.
  4. Set the onion aside to cool.
  5. Snip the chives into 2 mm pieces and add it to the bowl with the onion.
  6. Add the cheese to the and mix well.  Set it aside.
  7. Cut 6 pieces of foil (20 x 30 cm) and lay the pieces of foil out next to each other on a work surface.
  8. Brush a little oil onto the middle of each of the pieces of foil.
  9. Remove the bacon from the packaging and transfer the bacon to a large plate.
  10. Place two to three strips of bacon (it should be about 10 cm wide and 20 cm long) on each of the pieces of foil so that the bacon overlaps a little.  Set it aside.
  11. Tear a piece of cling wrap the size of an A4 page from the roll and place it on a chopping board.
  12. Tear a second piece of cling wrap from the roll and set it aside.
  13. Remove the chicken breasts from the packaging and transfer them to a the plate used for the bacon.
  14. Work with one chicken breast at a time and place it on the piece of cling wrap on the chopping board (pictured below).
  15. Flatten it into a rectangular shape with a rolling pin.
  16. Remove the chicken breast from the chopping board with a turner and place it on top of the bacon strips.
  17. Do the same with the rest of the chicken breasts.
  18. Season all the chicken breasts with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  19. Divide the stuffing into six equal portions and place it on the chicken breasts.
  20. Work with one chicken breast at a time and roll it up tightly to enclose the filling (pictured below).
  21. Wrap the chicken breast roll in the foil like a cracker (pictured below).
  22. Do the same with the rest of the filling and chicken breasts.
  23. Place the chicken rolls in a steaming basket in a large saucepan (pictured below) or use an electric steamer and steam the parcels for 20 minutes.
  24. Remove the rolls from the saucepan or steamer with tongs and set them aside to cool for a few minutes.
  25. Unwrap each parcel while holding it over a mixing bowl in order to catch all the juices.
  26. Transfer the chicken rolls to a chopping board and set it aside.  Discard the foil.
  27. Heat the oil a large saucepan.
  28. Place the saucepan on the stove and switch the stove on to heat the oil.
  29. When the oil is hot, transfer the chicken rolls to the pan and brown them on all sides.  Transfer the chicken rolls to a serving dish and set it aside to cool.
  30. To make the gravy, transfer the reserved juices to the saucepan and add the stock powder and cream.
  31. Bring the mixture to the boil while stirring or until the sauce has thickened.
  32. Season to taste and transfer the sauce to a gravy boat.
  33. Reheat the chicken in an oven preheated to 160 º C covered with a lid or foil.
  34. Serve the chicken with the warmed sauce on a bed of parslied cauliflower mash with colourful vegetables such as steamed steamed broccoli and tomato and red basil salsa (pictured below).

The recipe can easily be adapted to the amount of servings required.

Pear and Blue Cheese Stuffing
250 g dried pears, roughly chopped
125 g gorgonzola, crumbled
15 ml chives, snipped

A chicken breast between cling wrap ready to be flattened with a rolling pin.
Flattenend chicken breast on a bed of bacon with caramelised onion and feta stuffing
A chicken roll ready to be enclosed in foil
A chicken parcel wrapped foil
The chicken parcels in the steamer
Browning the chicken rolls in a bit of butter
The bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken roll on a bed of parslied cauliflower mash with a creamy mushroom sauce