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The New Face Of Aviation Gin

“It’s the best damn gin on the planet”, according to Ryan Reynolds, actor, writer and producer. Reynolds, who tasted Aviation Gin for the 1st time in 2017, liked it so much that he recently acquired an ownership interest in Aviation Gin, an American craft gin company. Reynolds will not only be the face of the brand, he will also be involved in the entire creative process for Aviation Gin, including its marketing and strategy.

Aviation Gin is one of the world’s best-rated gins. It was awarded 97/100 by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2012. It is produced at House Spirits Distillery, a craft distillery in Portland, Oregon. Aviation Gin is a balanced blend of botanicals – including cardamom, coriander, French lavender, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, and two kinds of orange peel. Aviation Gin has a very subtle juniper flavor. It is part of a “softer and smoother” movement of American-style gin, called New Western Gin.  Other gins which fall into this category are Tanqueray No. Ten, Bluecoat Gin, Hendricks, G Vine and Martin Millers.  These gins are all pushing the envelope for what gin could and should taste like. The juniper is there, but it is not at the forefront.  By law, juniper needs to be the predominant flavour in a gin before it can be classified as gin.  Read more about juniper and Gin in general in the post “The Gin Revolution“.

Reynolds is possibly the first celebrity to invest in this popular juniper-flavoured liquor. Other handsome male celebrities who invested in liquor are George Clooney with Casamigos Tequila and Channing Tatum with Born & Bred American Craft Vodka. Clooney has since sold his one-third stake in Casamigos Tequila for $700 million to Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits. Time will tell if Tatum and Reynolds will be able to “hold their liquor” as well as Clooney!

Aiviation American Gin is available nation-wide in SA at liquor stores and retailers.  It is also available at Tops Radiokop.  Brian Leopold, manager at Tops Radiokop, was responsible for bringing the exciting news on Aviation Gin to our attention!  He is not only our “go-to” guy for gin info, he is also the mastermind behind an in-store Loyalty Card For Craft Gin & Beer. Yes, you heard right, you will be rewarded for buying craft liquor!  Read more about it in the post Loyalty Card For Craft Gin & Beer.