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Ribboned Roof Gingerbread House

I have seen so many beautiful houses on Pinterest where the house panels are tied with ribbons, that I just had to give it a try. I am happy to say that it can definitely be done! And that it is actually easier to done than you might think! The hardest thing to do was to line up the little heart cut-outs on the edges of the house panels! I decided not to decorate this house, because it was going to become my Valentine-themed house, but the panels could be decorated with royal icing and candy (like you would do with a traditional Gingerbread house) before you assemble the house. I will definitely use longer ribbons next time!

This house has a base, but it doesn’t have to have one. The house can be attached to a cake board with royal icing. Or it can be attached to the base. If you plan to turn the house into a cookie jar, don’t cut out a door like I did! The main idea behind the ribboned roof is that it can open up! The one roof panel is attached to the house with royal icing, but the other is not. The two roof panels are attached with ribbons at the top which means that the one half of the roof can lift up like a lid! The possibilities are endless!