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Loyalty Card For Craft Gin & Beer

Brian Leopold of Tops Radiokop is the mastermind behind an in-store Loyalty Card For Craft Gin & Beer. Yes, you heard right, you will be rewarded for buying craft liquor!  The loyalty card will enable the holder to gain points according to the amount purchased. The points can be accumulated and then be refunded to the holder in the form of a voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed at Tops Radiokop. Points can be earned on all craft liquors, so remember to take your Craft Card with you – no card, no points!

As an added benefit, club members have the opportunity to join the Whatsapp groups which Brian created – one for craft gin and the other for craft beer.  Club members will be kept up to date with the goings-on at Tops Radiokop with regards to new arrivals of both craft gin and craft beer.  For the recently launched craft gin Whatsapp group Brian for instance plans to send links to exciting recipes and unique ways to create a great gin experience for yourselves and friends!  To be added to either of the Whatsapp groups, chat to Brian in-store.

Tops Radiokop currently has around 40 different Craft Gins in store, and this number is growing at a rapid rate. They stock all different types of gins, weird and wonderful, botanical and floral, classic and citrus, blue and pink. To accompany these gins they also stock a wide range of craft tonic waters, i.e. everything you need to make a great G&T!

If you are more of a beer drinker, you will be happy to hear that Tops Radiokop also stocks over 230 different Craft Beers. They have beers that cannot be found anywhere else in Gauteng. All their Craft Beer is stored in a refrigerated area.  Best of all, Tops Radiokop has a craft beer Growler Station where you can fill a 2.5L growler with the beer of your choice out of the four types of beers they have on tap. A growler is a large beer storage container that can be refilled directly from a keg. This allows you to enjoy draught-fresh craft beer at home without needing to install any taps yourself.  When your growler is empty, you simply return it and have it filled with another type of beer at the station.  The growler will last 30 days un-opened and once opened it is best to have it within 24hrs or carbonation will be lost. See the photo below of Brian at the craft beer Growler Station at Tops Radiokop.

Brian is by far the most clued-up and dedicated liquor store manager I have met in my life!  How many store managers do you now that spent close to 3 years studying craft products?  Not that I think you need any more convincing that Brian is your go-to-guy for advice on all the products in this store, but just so you know, they also stock:

  • a wide range of exclusive whisky’s for the high-end consumer;
  • a wide range of red, white, and rose wines to choose from. The white and rose wines as well as the sparkling wines and champagnes are all kept inside their walk-in chiller!

Address: The Ridge Shopping Centre, Corner Paul Kruger & Mozart Street, Honeydew Ext. 5
Telephone:  011 475 8558
Contact:  Brian Peter Leopold – Store Manager at Tops Radiokop

Store Manager at Tops, Brian Leopold, holding the Craft Card at the Craft Beer Growler Station

The store’s vast selection of Gin.

These 50 ml bottles by Musgrave Gin are great stocking fillers!

The entrance to the walk-in chiller where the white wines, rose wines, etc. are kept.

The whites wines are categorised by type, e.g. Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, etc.

The store stocks a wide variety of craft beers.

An example of the type of info you will get about e.g. beer when you shop at the store.