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Hermes – Cone, Sweet & Snack Manufacturers

I love the quality and the variety of the Hermes range of cones, sweets and snacks. Below are some of the Hermes products I use in my classes and parties on a regular basis:

  • Flatbottom Party Cones – great for making Cupcake cones *
  • Captain Freeze Party Cones – great for filling with sherbet and turning it into e.g. a clown
  • Edible baking cups – great for make mini teacups
  • Mini Mallow Cones – great for making starfish
  • Sugar Treats Rings – great to use as the “ears” of teacups

Hermes products can be found in leading supermarkets such as Spar, Shoprite, Checkers, Woolworths, Makro and Pick ‘n Pay.

Contact details:
Phone: 011 953 3757
Fax: 011 665 1620
Physical Address:  93 Rustenburg Rd, Krugersdorp West

Hermes is one of the ingredient sponsors of Mrs Claus’ Kitchen.  See photo’s of Mrs Claus’ Kitchen 2013 and Mrs Claus’ Kitchen 2014.

Please scroll down for photo’s of the products, photo’s of some of my creations using Hermes products.

Flatbottom Party Cones
Flatbottom Party Cones
Princess Goblet made from flat-bottomed cone (left) and sea star made with mallow cones (right)

Mini Mallow Cones

Mini Mallow Cones
High Heel Cupcakes
Hermes Ice-cream Cones also makes great heels for High Heel Cupcakes


Xmas Tree Cone
Hermes Sugar Cones make great Xmas Trees!


Captain Freeze Party Cones
Captain Freeze Party Cones
Teacup made from baking cup and sugar treats rings
Hermes Sugar Treats Rings and Hermes Baking Cups make great teacups
Edible Baking Cups
Edible Baking Cups
Sugar Treats
Sugar Treats