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Customisable DIY 3D Gingerbread House Cookie Kit

Our Customisable DIY 3D Gingerbread House has a brand new look with a few new features – like a chimney, a porch, a cookie base, etc.  It also has a variety of customisable features:

  • the cookies in the kit can be made from gingerbread cookie dough or sugar cookie dough. We can even make it gluten-free!  All our cookies are eggless!
  • the roof panels of the house can be altered so that the house becomes an edible Gingerbread House cookie jar (one of the roof panels will become a lid)
  • the door and/or windows of the house can be cut out before baking so that you can put lights inside the house
  • choose your own  colour scheme from  red, green, brown, yellowblackpurpleorangepinkblue & green
  • on top of the house panels, we will include additional cookies, e.g. a snowman, a gingerbread man, a tree,  and a candy cane (see the image attached)

On receipt of your order, we will send you a form to fill in your preferences.

The kit includes:

  • Twenty One pre-baked cookies:
    – 1 x base cookie to build the house on (NEW!!!!)
    – 4 x chimney panels (NEW!!!!)
    – 4 x porch panels (NEW!!!!)
    – 1 x door opening cut-out (NEW!!!!)
    – 2 x square roof cookie panels (NEW!!!!)
    – 2 x front/back wall cookie panels
    – 2 x side wall cookie panels
    – 4 x themed cookies a gingerbreadman, a snowman, a tree and a candy cane (see image attached)
  • Icing
  • 4 x sachets food colouring powder
  • disposable piping bags
  • comprehensive step-by-step instructions

Since its launch in 2017, hundreds of children (and adults!) have been assembling and decorating our cookie kits with family, friends and colleagues.  Our kits are popular because:
– the cookies are baked to order, i.e. guaranteed freshness
– the cookies have no added preservatives
– the cookies are made from quality ingredients
– the cookies contain no eggs
– the ingredients in the kits are 100% South African!
– comprehensive step-by-step instructions are provided to make decorating and assembling easy peasy!

Please visit our online shop to place your order. Please note that the cookies are baked to order. The kits can either be collected in Linden (JHB) or couriered (Postnet to Postnet) in South Africa. Please note that it takes 3 to 5 working days for a kit to be couriered from one Postnet to another.  Please take this into account when your order.

Want to turn the activity into a group workshop?

  • If you prefer to decorate and assemble our gingerbread kits with our assistance, be sure to book a space at one of our Cookie Decorating Workshops. We will be announcing workshop dates on our Facebook page soon. It is also possible to book a Gingerbread Cookie decorating workshop for a private group on a date of your choice.  The workshop can take place at your house or at one of Cooking Up A Storm’s approved venue’s in Gauteng. Please contact us as soon as possible to secure a date as our diary is filling up fast! Please make contact for more information.
  • Christmas-themed house (front)
    Christmas-themed house (back)
    Christmas-themed cookies (part of customisable features)
    Spooky Gingerbread House (front)
    Spooky Gingerbread House (back)
    Spooky-themed cookies (part of customisable features)