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Cakes By Seilaz

Cakes By Seilaz is a bakery based in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg that specializes in
novelty birthday, wedding and special occasion cakes.  Be sure to head in their direction any time you need a cake or treat – be it sweet or savoury. According to owner Michelle Seilaz their aim is to bake with natural products and quality ingredients as much as possible (scroll down for more info on the stoneground flours they use). They strive to make cakes that are fantastic to look at and taste just as great. Each cake is made with love, care and the utmost attention to detail.

Some of the items you will find when you visit their bakery are:
• Milktart, most probably the best in Johannesburg
• Variety of pastries – lemon meringue, chocolate tartlets, salted caramel tartlets, etc.
• Variety of biscuits – from chocolate creams to crunchies and gingers
• Rusks
• Cupcakes
• Fudge and other sweet treats
• Variety of bread, baked on demand
• Variety of quiches and pies – to enjoy in store or take home and bake from frozen
• Sweet and savoury platters to cater your party or for dinner desserts.
• A selection of the family’s Stoneground flour is also available for purchase at the bakery.
• They also make custom figurines and elements for you to decorate your own cake.

More products are being added all the time.  As from January next year they will be expanding their “bake from home” collection.  Cakes By Seilaz will provide everything you need to bake and decorate your own cakes – from cake pre-mixes (just add the wet ingredients) to a variety of other ingredients such as icing sugar, fondant figurines, etc.  They even do edible ink rice paper prints for cakes or cupcakes!

Michelle was born and bre(a)d in the Central Drakensberg. Her parents, Joos and Royleen Solms started the Valley Bakery more then 20 years ago. According to Michelle she spent many a school holiday at the bakery. Today the bakery is run by Michelle’s mom, sister and sister-in-law. The bakery is situated in the Central Drakensberg near the town of Winterton and has become a well known and loved spot for locals and holiday makers alike.

After traveling internationally for many years, Michelle, a trained artist, returned to their family farm in 2009 with her husband. It was here at her family’s bakery that she discovered her passion and love for crafting cakes and baking. In 2011 Michelle and her husband relocated to Johannesburg where she started baking from home. One thing lead to another and towards the end of 2014 Cakes By Seilaz was officially opened in Blairgowrie.

Cakes by Seilaz only uses Champagne Valley Stonemill Flour. The flour is:
• GMO Free
• No Preservatives or additives
• Unbleached
• 100% natural

Types of flour produced by Champagne Valley Stonemill Flour:
• Stoneground Bread Flour
• Stoneground Wholemeal Flour
• Stoneground “00” Flour
• Stoneground Cake Flour
• Rye Flour

Cakes By Seilaz is a stockist of Champagne Valley Stonemill Flour.

Festive Season Orders

Be sure to place your orders for your December goodies before Tuesday 12 December. The last day for collections is Saturday 16 December 2017.

  • Christmas biscuits – decorated or plain


Festive Season-themed Decorated Cookies, e.g. Gingerbread Reindeer

  • Christmas cupcakes – decorated

Festive Season-themed Cupcakes

  • DIY Ginger houses
    • Decorate your own Ginger house un-assembled (R100.00 each)

Un-assembled Ginger House

  • Decorate your own Ginger house assembled (R200.00 each)

Assembled Ginger House

  • Decorated Ginger houses (from R300.00 each)

Decorated Ginger Houses (R300.00)

  • Christmas Fruit cakes – a variety of sizes available (it can also be decorated to your requirements)

Cakes By Seilaz
Tel: 011 029 8776 / 0788938368
Address: 53 Conrad Drive, Randburg (opposite the Blairgowrie Plaza)



Champagne Valley Stone Mill

Champagne Valley Stonemill Flours used by Cakes By Seilaz.

Valley Bakery
Tel: 036 468 1257

The Valley Bakery

Below are some of the one-of-a-kind cakes by Cakes By Seilaz.