Wizbake Re-usable Baking Sheets

A culinary item which I simply cannot do without, is my Wizbake re-usable baking sheets.  I use it in my kitchen every day for everything from cookies and breads to meatballs and fish cakes.  These re-usable baking sheets are manufactured in South Africa and can be used to line a variety of different cooking surfaces – whether it is a baking tray, cookie sheet, frying pan or roasting tin.  Each sheet can be used more than a thousand times on each side!

Be sure to watch the informative video about the uses of Wizbake re-usable baking sheets here.  See the list of recipes below for a few of its uses.

Cooking Up A Storm is a stockist of Wizbake re-usable baking products.  Please visit our online shop to order yours!

  • Wizbake re-usable baking roll – a 330 mm x 1200 mm roll which can be cut into the desired size, i.e. to fit inside a frying pan (R180.00 per box).
  • Wizbake re-usable baking sheets (two sheets per box) –  these sheets are pre-cut to fit a standard oven tray, i.e. 330 mm x 400 mm.  It is ideal for baking cookies, bread, etc.  Also for chocolate and sugar work.  (R150.00 per box).

French Loaf AOC p. 823

  • Wizbake Toast Bags (2 bags per box) – make toasted sandwiches in your toaster!  No mess, no fuss! (R90.00 per box).

Below are links to recipes where the Wizbake re-usable baking sheets have been used:

And many more!

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