Wizbake Re-useable Baking Sheets (2 sheets per box)


Wizbake re-usable baking sheets are manufactured in South Africa and provide an alternative and healthy method of cooking. Simply line the cooking surface on which you are working, whether it is a baking tray, roasting tin or frying pan.  It is an easy and effective alternative to baking paper.

  • No greasing required!
  • Each sheet can be used more than a thousand times!
  • The sheets are pre-cut to fit a standard oven tray, i.e. 330 mm x 400 mm.
  • It is ideal for chocolate and sugar work.
  • It can be washed by hand or in the dish washer.

It can be used to a max temperature of 230 ℃.



The Wizbake sheets are 330 mm x 400 mm and there are two sheets per box.

Also available in a 330 mm x 1200 mm roll which can be cut to the desired size.

Read more about this amazing product here.

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