Nutrition Tuition

Learn the basics of following a healthy lifestyle.

Talks or Individual Consultations
A talk/consultation aimed at providing you with guidelines and practical tips for changing to a healthier lifestyle. The concepts are explained in layman’s terms so that you can plan healthy and balanced meals for your whole family with ease. 

Healthy Meal Plan
Weekly or monthly meal plans customised to your family’s dietary lifestyle, special requirements and food preferences.

Culinary Lessons, Sessions or Demo’s
The principles of healthy eating are applied in a practical way when you book for one of the following:

  • Customised Culinary Lessons
    Learn to cook in the privacy of your own home. Lessons are one-on-one and customised to suit your specific requirements. For beginners, intermediate and advanced cooks. Ideal for domestic workers if you do not have time to cook!
  • Hands-on Culinary Sessions
    Prepare a meal from scratch with a group of friends or colleagues and enjoy the fruit of your labour afterwards. You will also learn the basic principles of following a healthy lifestyle.  Includes a meal and a comprehensive recipe booklet.
  • Culinary Demonstrations
    For those who do not want to get their hands dirty!  A demonstration followed by a generous tasting and a comprehensive recipe booklet.  Prepare a meal from scratch and enjoy it with the group afterwards.  You will also learn the basic principles of following a healthy lifestyle.  Learn to prepare a variety of recipes that are not only easy, but also delicious!