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The Way You Like It

The guys at Seattle Coffee Company believe that life is too short to drink bad coffee.  I could not agree more!   Seattle Coffee Company’s slogan “the way you like it” is definitely not just empty words, but sums up the whole experience at Seattle Coffee Company.

Seattle Coffee Company is a family-owned South African business. They were pioneers in bringing coffee culture to South Africa in 1997 and for close to 20 years they have been providing customers with gourmet coffee experience in a context that serve as urban refuges where customers can hang out, catch up, slow down or get going.

Seattle Coffee Company’s baristas are trained to make your drinks just the way you like it, i.e. customised to your individual taste. If your favourite way to get your caffeine fix is a double shot espresso with hot pouring cream on the side, they won’t disappoint!   All coffees on their menu are available in regular or decaf, black or with full-cream, semi-skimmed, skinny or soy milk. They are also investigating rolling out almond milk as another dairy-free option soon.

Of course, many people enjoy preparing their favourite coffee in the convenience of their own home.   All of Seattle Coffee Company’s coffees are available to purchase in their café stores as whole beans for home brewing.  Visit Seattle Coffee Company’s website for useful tips on how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee at home as well as basic guidelines for ordering your coffee at one of their café stores.   Try one of the many recipes on this website with freshly brewed coffee: Coffee-infused Moroccan Lamb With Figs, Apricots & CashewsMuskadel-Espresso Chicken Breasts with Plums or PrunesCaribbean Coffee Chocolate and Banana CakeCoffee Apple Walnut Cake, Affogato, Creamy Mocha MousseMocha Ricotta Cheesecake, Irish Coffee DessertTiramisuFrozen Mocha Cheesecake.

To listen to a interview with Peter Howie (Operations Director of Seattle Coffee Company) on the history ofSeattle Coffee Company  in South Africa, as well as its relation to Starbucks, click here.  With the first Starbucks store opening in Johannesburg in mid-2016, one cannot help to wonder how it will affect companies like Seattle Coffee Company.   With close to 100 stores country-wide, and with an ever-growing customer-base, in my opinion Seattle Coffee Company has anything to worry about.  I know where my loyalty lies!

Click here to find out how the Seattle Coffee Company’s coffee beans gets from the coffee tree to your cup.

For more information on coffee in general, like the health benefits, the low-down on caffeine, latte art, etc. see the post From Bean To Cup.

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