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Cake Pop Phenomenon

Talk about upcycling your stale cake!  The original purpose of the cake pop was to use up leftover cake. The leftover, and potentially stale cake was crumbled and mixed with butter icing or other binding ingredient and rolled into a variety of shapes.  The cake pops were then dipped in chocolate and decorated in a variety of ways.  Instead of throwing it in the bin, it was made into something new!   You can of course also use freshly baked cake if you prefer.  This is called the classic cake pop.  Other ways to make “pops” are:

  • moulded cake pops – the classic cake pop mixture is pressed into a cake pop mould or silicon mould tray and refrigerated for a short while to keep the shape


  • moulded coconut ice pops – prepare the coconut ice mixture and press it into a silicon mould to harden

    Coconut-Ice Easy Pop Lollie

  • baked cake pops – fill a special cake pop pan with your favourite cake batter and bake


  • baked cookie pops – press cookie dough, e.g. shortbread dough, into a silicon mould and bake


  • rice cereal treat pops – prepare the rice cereal and marshmallow mixture and press it onto a large baking tray.  Refrigerate it for a few hours to harden.  Cut into the desired shape with a serrated knife or use cookie cutters
  • chocolate pops – melt chocolate and pour it into a silicon mould to set


  • marshmallow pops – dip marshmallows in chocolate