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October 2013 Newsletter

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We are once again in the last stretch of the year – what happened to the rest of it? It seems to go by faster every year!

With the Heritage Day celebrations still fresh in our memories, I thought it fitting to explore South African food a little more.  According to South African History Online a person’s heritage is made up of the practices and traditions that are passed on from parents to children. Heritage is also about what has been passed on from the family, community and place where people have been raised.   Our own autobiographies could therefore be told through a succession of food events or recipes. This is what Anna Trapido did so successfully with A Hunger for Freedom: The Story of Food in the Life of Nelson Mandela. The book tells the story of Nelson Mandela, his family and the struggle for freedom through the meals they shared together. I cannot not help to wonder why research on a nation’s heritage generally focused on heritage places and objects, and that food was not considered a heritage ‘resource’ until recently.

This month’s recipes therefore includes a recipe for Malva Pudding (one of Madiba’s favourite desserts), as well as a quick and easy cookie pop recipe which is a variation of the classic Cake Pop.  See more about cake pops further down.  As usual, I have also included a few recipes from Carolié de Koster’s popular Art Of Cooking Recipe Book.  They are:  Bobotie With Yellow Rice & Raisins, Caribbean Chocolate & Banana Cake (which contains 8 Fair Trade ingredients!) and Deluxe Fruit, Nut & Whole-wheat rusks.  Carolié will be participating in an “Around The World In 80 Dishes” festival in Tauranga, Nieu-Zealand at the end of October and she will be making pancakes with a Bobotie filling!   Be sure to read her article on article on Heritage Food as well as the post on Fair Trade.  Read more further down.

In 2011, cake pops were considered the newest and most popular confectionery food trend.  Its popularity has increased exponentially since then.  Cake pops are also known as cake balls, cakesicles and cake-on-a-stick. It is basically a sweet treat on a stick. While there is no recorded date for the creation of cake pops, most people say that Bakerella (aka Angie Dudley), a popular baking blog, helped make then a “pop” phenomenon and  international sensation!  The versatility and customizability of cake pops make them perfect for any occasion. One of the biggest plus points is that it can be made in advance!  Cake pops are also portable and easy to eat, i.e. mess free!  Read more further down.

Jan Celliers Primary School’s annual Jannies Market day will take place on Wednesday 2 October in Parkview.  Come and say “Hi”!  I will be selling the following products at my stall:

  • imported Silikomart silicone moulds with a festive theme, e.g. gingerbread man, snowman, reindeer, Christmas star, Happy Christmas, etc.
  • imported Silikomart silicone piping bags
  • Norpro batter dispensers
  • the very popular South-African-made Wizbake re-usable baking sheets … and much more!

Is your child possibly the next Junior Masterchef?  Make his/her next birthday party extra special with a “I made it myself!/Ek het dit self gemaak!” cooking party. Each recipe is demonstrated to the children step-by-step and each child makes his/her own recipe from start to finish. Kids get to take the fruit of their labour home and tell Mom and Dad: I made it myself! Most of them eat it right away though!”  Read more further down.

I specialize in customised culinary lessons – whether for yourself or your domestic worker, housekeeper or nanny.    When you book four cooking lessons with me, you will receive a manual that covers topics such as Food Safety, Kitchen Safety, Kitchen Hygiene, Food Storing and much more!  The manual can be used as a reference guide in the kitchen.  You choose what you would like to learn to cook.  The possibilities are endless! This is what one of my clients had to say after I trained her domestic worker:
“Jeanri is extremely professional, comes fully prepared for every lesson and puts every effort into making sure that your domestic worker learns to cook. She even spent time with mine, teaching her maths so that she could halve recipes, double up on portions etc. Jeanri goes shopping on your behalf and makes sure that you have everything you need for a lesson, even down to the equipment needed in the kitchen so that there is no delay in lesson time. Everything she taught Fredah to cook has been delicious and we have used her recipes over and over. My domestic worker has gained a lot of confidence in the kitchen. Jeanri ensures that your domestic is able to write up a shopping list, keep to excellent hygiene standards in the kitchen, cook, bake, and tidy up properly afterwards. Definitely money well spent, I can only highly recommend her.” Kelly, Parkview. Read more further down.

The special offer on Carolié de Koster’s popular Art Of Cooking recipe book and the Art Of Cooking CD is still running.   Get yours now – the price will probably go up in January 2014!  It makes a great gift for any occasion!  This book has become a KITCHEN BIBLE in kitchens in South Africa but also all over the world. It is used in private homes, coffee shops, lodges, guest houses, function venues, retirement home kitchens and school hostels. Colleges added it to their “student kits” for training and this is still the case. Mothers are now buying it for their daughters and sons before they leave home to be able to take along favourite family recipes into their new households!  This book is not available from leading book stores, but can be ordered from Cooking Up A Storm online shop.  It makes a great gift for any occasion!  Read more further down.

Next month I will be telling you more about what Carolié has been keeping herself busy with after she and her husband Adri moved to Nieu-Zealand two years ago. It will also be my last newsletter for 2013 so it will be jam-packed with ideas for festive food and holiday entertaining!

In this month’s newsletter:

  • October 2013 Recipes
  • The Cake Pop Phenomenon
  • New Product: Sand Art
  • New Event: Jannies Market Day
  • Heritage Food – by Carolié de Koster
  • Fair Trade – Ten Principles
  • Cooking Parties For Kids
  • Private Cooking Lessons In Your Own Kitchen
  • Art Of Cooking Recipe Book & CD – Special Offer
  • Cooking Up A Storm’s Services

Happy cooking!


Note:  Please click on each heading to read the full post.


This month’s recipes are inspired by South Africa’s food heritage.


Cake Pop Phenomenon

Talk about upcycling your stale cake!  The original purpose of the cake pop was to use up leftover cake.


New Event: Jannies Market Day

The character of this popular annual event is not that of a typical flea market, but rather a community market with quality wares on offer.   It is a great place to shop for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or Thank You gifts for family, friends, teachers, etc.


Heritage Food

South African cooking developed over a period of about 100 years. It drew its origins from the people who settled here from many foreign lands, after the year 1652 when the first Dutch settlers started a new colony at the southernmost point of Africa.


Fair Trade – 10 Principles

Fair trade is an organized social movement that aims to help producers in developing countries to make better trading conditions and promote sustainability. It advocates the payment of a higher price to exporters as well as higher social and environmental standards.

Culinary Parties For Kids
If you would like to book an “Ek het dit self gemaak/I made it myself!” cooking party for your child’s next birthday, please secure the date with me as soon as possible.  Especially if you want it to take place on a Saturday!

Customised Culinary Lessons
If planning meals and cooking for your family is driving you up the wall, and you would like to hand the responsibility over to your nanny or domestic worker, all you need to do is tell me when and where. You will not only empower your employee, you will have time on your hands to do other things! The lessons will take place in your own kitchen and are customised to your preferences, i.e. your domestic worker will learn to make recipes that you love to eat!


Art Of Cooking Recipe Book
Carolié de Koster’s Art Of Cooking recipe book consists of more than a 1000 recipes and is the most comprehensive cookery book in South Africa.  Written by a renowned food consultant it offers everything for everyone’s needs – from the beginner and home cook to the career chef, caterer and trainer.

Cooking Up A Storm’s Services

  • customised cooking lessons – in your own kitchen! For yourself, your kids, your domestic worker or nanny.
  • Culinary demonstrations on a variety of topics (in your own house if you prefer!)
  • Culinary classes and parties for kids in Afrikaans or English
  • Hands-on culinary sessions for social or corporate events or staff training
  • Recipe development
  • Motivational talks and individual consultations on healthy eating
  • Weekly or monthly healthy meal plans with grocery lists for the busy cook
  • Supplier of a variety of quality cooking utensils & equipment, e.g. Wizbake reusable baking sheets, silicone bakeware, etc.
  • Kitchen accessory, bakeware and gadget demonstrations.

Happy cooking!