The “Art Of Cooking” Recipe Book

The Art Of Cooking recipe book consists of more than a 1000 recipes and is the most comprehensive cookery book in South Africa.  Written by renowned food consultant, Carolié de Koster, it offers everything for everyone’s needs – from the beginner and home cook to the career chef, caterer and trainer. It compares favourably with the foremost international sources in this category. The ongoing popularity and sales of the book and also comments from users over the years have proven that it has brought great joy to many cooks and eaters alike! Many say it is their most used recipe book ever and irreplaceable. It seems that no one who has used this informative cookery guide will ever want to manage without it.

The recipes will never date and are still in line with modern cooking trends, focus on attractive presentation and comply with the principles of good health. The book contains extensive sections on all cooking methods and also microwave cooking and general and specialised baking, including, yeast baking and phyllo pastry. Favourite recipes from South Africa and all over the world will be found in this book.

This book has become a KITCHEN BIBLE in kitchens in South Africa but also all over the world. It is used at home, in coffee shops, lodges, guest houses, function venues, retirement home kitchens and school hostels. Colleges added it to their “student kits” for training and this is still the case. Mothers are now buying it for their daughters and sons before they leave home to be able to take along favourite family recipes into their new households!  Lastly, the book is still sought after by many and has made it’s way into many countries of the world – North and South America, Australia, Belgium, France, Holland, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia and China!

The ongoing popularity and sales of the book and also comments from users over the years (see Art Of Cooking Reviews) have proven that it has brought great joy to many cooks and eaters alike!  Many say it is their most used recipe book ever and irreplaceable. It seems that no one who has used this informative cookery guide will ever want to manage without it!  The Art Of Cooking recipe book is not available from leading book stores, but can be ordered from Cooking Up A Storm’s online shop.

Click here for a photo album with photo’s of many of the recipes from Art Of Cooking.

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The book contains extensive sections on the themes below.  

  • Snacks and starters (p. 20 to 68)
    • Dips & pates
    • Finger Food
    • Mousses, moulds and terrines
    • Warm salads
    • First course salads
    • In betweeners
  • Stocks & Soup (p. 69 to 110)
    • Stock-based soups
    • Vegetable soups
  • Egg dishes (p. 114 to 149)
  • Fish and shellfish (p. 154 to 185)
  • Meat & meat dishes (p. 191 to 328)
    • Lamb and mutton
    • Beef and veal
    • Pork
    • Venison and Game
    • Poultry
  • Savoury sauces, toppings and fillings (p. 330 to 357)
    • Savoury sauces
    • Classic light sauces
    • Brown sauce variations
    • Other sauces
    • Toppings/fillings
  • Vegetables & vegetarian dishes (p. 360 to 395)
  • Potatoes, pasta, rice and cereals (p. 400 to 456)
    • Potatoes
    • Pasta
    • Cereals
  • Salads, salad dressings, sauces, pickles and relishes (p. 460 to 493)
  • Desserts (p. 499 to 560)
    • Hot desserts and baked puddings
    • Cold desserts and frozen confections
    • Dessert sauces and
    • Meringue variations
  • Cakes (p. 495 to 561)
  • Pies and pastries (p. 526 to 661)
    • Savoury pies and pastries
    • Sweet tarts and pies
  • Quick bakes (p. 666 to 713)
    • Scones
    • Muffins
    • Pancakes
    • Blintzes
    • Waffles
    • Crumpets and flapjacks
    • Fritters
    • Quick breads and sweet loaves
  • Rusks, biscuits and sweet treats (p. 718 to 759)
    • Rusks
    • Biscuits
    • Sweet treats
  • Phyllo pastry (p. 764 to 800)
  • Yeast baking (p. 801 to 864)
    • Wholewheat, brown and health breads
    • White bread variations
    • Sweet dough variations
  • Microwave cooking (p. 866 to 907)

Clear symbols indicate if each recipe is:
– economical or more luxurious
– intended for everyday use or for special occasions
– quick and easy or advanced and time consuming
– high or low in kiljoules and
– suitable for vegetarians.

Carolié has put together a variety of menu’s to assist with the planning of meals for both everyday meals or special occasions from the vast selection of recipes that form part of the Art Of Cooking Recipe book. E.g. a French menu, an Italian menu, etc.  It includes:

  • Breakfast ideas – recipes with eggs, meat, fish as well as sauces and toppings
  • Salads
  • Theme Menu Ideas (South African, Classic English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Greek)
  • Special Occasion Menu, e.g. Festive Food

Cocktail crumpets p. 34
Fried Haloumi cheese & bacon (omit salad) p. 51
Hot chicken livers (omit salad) p. 53
Toasted bacon and cheese savoury p. 64
Cheese and asparagus boats p. 65
Quick versatile savoury pie p. 66
Crispy baked bread baskets p. 68
Eggs with white sauce variations p. 116
Poached eggs with asparagus sauce p. 117
Eggs Benedict p. 126
Omelette p. 130
Frittata p. 132
Oven baked soufflé omelette p. 140
All in one breakfast p. 142
Savoury roulade p. 147
Curried eggs p. 149
Fish Ideas
Fish cakes p. 154
Fish baked in sauce p. 156
Poached haddock p. 166
Parsley-crumbed haddock p. 167
Meat Ideas
Chops / sausages / ribs in BBQ sauce & kidneys p. 219
Grilled steaks / chops p. 227
Hamburger patties p. 249
Liver patties p. 262
Steak & kidney p. 263
Boerewors in brown gravy p. 264
Sauces & toppings for toasted bread, poached eggs or fish
Bacon / Cheese / Curry / Egg / Mushroom / Parsley p. 334
Swiss cheese, ham and mushroom p. 353
Bacon & Chicken Liver p. 354
Chicken & Mushroom p. 355
Savoury Mince / Mexican Style p. 356 / 357

As far as the side salads are concerned, the Garden Salad (p. 461) or Gourmet Green Salad (p. 462) may be used as a basic salad to go with any of the menus. Do not repeat ingredients used in main course e.g. peppers, mushrooms or tomatoes in the salad.

These menus are designed for 3 or 4 course meals taking into account a good balance as far as colours, textures and flavours are concerned. Adjustments and substitutions may be made to allow for availability and personal preference. Although each menu has a theme it is not practical to stick absolutely rigidly to every menu item and it will not be wrong if certain menu items (recipes) are replaced by others, similar in colour and texture.  In the same way more themes such as Indonesian or French or general gourmet menus can be planned selecting a first course, soup, meat, vegetables and desserts from the different chapters. Do not overlook the microwave section which has very good quick to prepare dishes for smaller groups or when time is limited.

Salmon & Cucumber Mousse (p. 37)
Spinach/Watercress Soup (p. 101)
Creamed Tomato Soup (p. 100)
Fried Fish In Beer Batter (p. 165)
Shredded Shoulder Of Lamb Supreme (p. 204)
Beer & Herb Potroast (p. 239)
Traditional Stuffed Roast Chicken (p. 298)
Brown Braised Chicken (p. 315)
Roast Potatoes or Fried Potatoes (p. 407) or (p. 405)
Parslied New Potatoes (p. 403)
Carrots & Onions Deluxe (p. 375)
Creamed Spinach (p. 389)
Fudge Sauce With Nuts & Dates (p. 508)
Featherlight Steamed Pudding (p. 511)
Whipped Cream/Ice-cream
Cheese & Biscuits

Chicken Noodle Soup With Mushrooms & Spinach (p. 87)
Baked Chicken and Egg Moulds (p. 139)
Chinese Savoury Egg Pancakes (p. 136)
Chinese Spring Rolls (p. 690)
Sweet & Sour Pork (p. 280)
Deep-fried Chicken With Pepper Sauce (p. 316)
Stir-fry Sensation (p. 253)
Sweet & Sour Vegetables (p. 365)
Chinese-Style Fried Rice (p. 438)
Almond Jelly With Fruit (p. 532)
Bow Ties (p. 750)
Chinese Green/Jasmine Tea/Coffee

Savoury Roulade (p. 147 to 148)
Souffle – savoury (p. 143 to 145)
Omelette (p. 130)
Oven-baked Souffle Omelette (p. 140)
Choux Pastry (p. 634)
Chicken Liver Pâté With Bacon & Port (p. 26)
Bouillabaisse (p. 79)
Quick French chicken (p. 314)
French Loaf (p. 823 to 826)
Brioche (p. 842)
Chocolate Eclairs (p. 659)
Souffle – sweet (p. 145)
Creamy Mocha Mousse (p. 528)
Millefeuille (p. 796)

Tzatziki and/or Taramasalata (p. 22)
Small Spanakopita (p. 772)
Tomato Soup With Vermicelli Noodles (p. 91)
Creamed Broccoli Soup With Feta Cheese (p. 104)
Roast Garlic Lamb (p. 195)
Moussaka (p. 213)
Greek Stuffed Chicken (p. 300)
Mediterranean Vegetable Melange (p. 367)
Greek-style Spinach & Rice (p. 439)
Potato Chips or Potato Wedges (p. 406 or 408)
Greek Salad (p. 464)
Baklava (p. 787) and/or
Galaktaboureko/Greek Milk Tart (p. 789)

Italian Salami/Peppered Ham, Tomato & Mozzarella Salad (p. 57)
Italian Minestrone (p. 99)
Classic Lasagne (p. 422)
Italian Pot Roast (p. 238)
Meat Pinwheels With Tomato & Caper Sauce (p. 247)
Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops (p. 218)
Fried Chicken Breast Florentine (p. 302)
Crumbed Veal or Pork Schnitzels (p. 266)
Risotto (p. 448) or
Fried Polenta Circles With Vegetables (p. 450)
Salad as preferred
Tiramisu (p. 518)
Moulded Marscarpone Cream (p. 519)
Frozen Cream With Crushed Italian Macaroons (p. 538)
Quick Marbled Cassatta (p. 540)

Hot Guacamole Salad (p. 52)
Guacamole Seafood Salad Platter (p. 467)
Fish & Tomato Timbales (p. 43)
Mexican Corn Soup (p. 109)
Mexican Cheese Soup (p. 110)
Paella (p. 445)
Spanish Chicken & Rice Casserole (p. 301)
Fillet Of Beef With Rose Sauce (p. 223)
Spanish Rice (p. 440)Vegetable & Corn Bake (p. 391)
Spanish Potato & Egg Tortilla (p. 134)
Vegetables Julienne (p. 363)
Creme Caramel (p. 520)
Moulded Chocolate Cream (p. 524)

Snoek Paté (p. 23) or
New-style Pickled Fish (p. 158) or
Heritage Biltong Salad (p. 468)
Roast Leg Of Lamb With Mint Sauce (p. 193) or
Buttermilk & Herb Lamb/Venison Roast/Venison Roast (p. 197) or
Bobotie (p. 243) and/or
Roast Chicken With Herb & Garlic Stuffing (p. 299)
Yellow Rice With Raisins (p. 436)
Perfect Pumpkin Fritters (p. 701)
Stewed Green Beans (p. 385
Diced Roast Potatoes (p. 405) or
Roast Potatoes (p. 407)
Salad as preferred
Cape Brandy Tart (p. 507)
Home-made Egg Custard Sauce (p. 542) or
Grandma’s Milk Tart (p. 650)


Cold and Hot Seafood
Smoked Mussel or Oyster Paté (p. 24)
Phyllo pastry cases with lightly curried tuna and crab stick filling (p. 766)
Lightly curried tuna and crab stick filling (p. 55)
Hungarian fish soup (p. 84)
Baked fish with smoked mussel or oyster and asparagus cream sauce (p. 159)
Tuna pancakes with tomato cream or tomato flavoured white sauce (p.

Main Course Meat

Marinated turkey (p. 327)
Quick French chicken (p. 314)
Quick Russian chicken (p. 313)
Peppered beef with vegetable-cream topping (p. 231)
Shredded shoulder of lamb supréme (p. 204)
Beef fillet with bacon and creamy garlic sauce (p. 225)

Vegetables, Salads and Side Dishes
Crispy potato roll with vegetable filling (p. 411)
Baked butternut with honey or syrup and nuts (p.  371)
Layered salad with petit pois peas and mayonnaise topping (p. 471)
Crouton and cheese topping for salad (p. 480)
Curried bacon and cheese corn bread (p. 709)

Desserts & Baking
Frozen mocha cheesecake (p. 537)
Frozen tiramisu soufflé (p. 518)
Poached meringue with golden gooseberry custard (p. 560)
Fudge sauce pudding with dates and nuts  (p. 508)
Baklava (p. 787)
Phyllo pastry custard slices (p. 790)
Almond and sugar topped biscuits (p. 737)
“Smartie” biscuits (p. 736)
Pepper Nuts (p. 739)